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During his Amrutasya Ma Narmada Pad Parikrama, Vivek ji used a specialized app on his smartphone to track his location and create a map of his route. This is the direct route that Hon Vivek ji took on his Narmada Parikrama. 


Hon Vivek ji travelled as much of his journey as possible along the banks of the Holy Narmada, where he rediscovered the Teerthas mentioned in the Shastras. The only people who will enjoy this route are the ones who truly want to get as close to Holy Banks as possible, therefore please be aware that it begins deep within. Since the riverbanks are subject to change, we cannot guarantee that your experience will be identical to that of 2022–23, but if you are serious about seeing all of the teerthas, these are the routes you must travel. 

 Omkareshwar to Badwani

Badwani to Gora colony 

 Gora colony to Uttar tat 

 Gora colony- Uttar tat 

 Uttar tat To Nakhlakpura  

Nakhlakpura to Dharmpuri  

 Dharmpuri to Turnal

  Turnal to Shukleshwar

   Shukleshwar to Manikpur

    Manikpur to Amarkantak 

     Amarkantak to Bargi 

     Bargi to Satwasa

      Satwasa to Omkareshwar

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