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Narmada river
Narmade har


Those who have followed in Mother Narmada's footsteps and circumambulated her journey have discovered a rare chance to free themselves from the confines of life. By completing a circumambulation of Ma Narmada, a person is freed from their own servitude and all others. 

If you're looking for freedom, salvation, spiritual enlightenment, and personal development, then this Pad Parikrama of Mother Narmada is the journey for you. 

The entire Pad Parikrama covers a distance of 3000 kilometers over foot and takes usually 120 days to finish. The founder of Ananda hi Ananda, Hon Vivek ji, finished this parikrama in the year of 2022-23 covering the entire length by foot and rediscovering the Teerthas that are mentioned in Reva Khand of Skanda Purana. 

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