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Amrutasya MA Narmada PAD parikrama 

It was on the 8th of November in the year 2022 that Vivek ji embarked on a remarkable journey - a 3000-kilometre trek on foot along the revered banks of the Narmada River. After enduring a challenging 120-day expedition, he successfully accomplished the parikrama on March 7th, 2023. 

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Narmada Parikrama 

In November of 2022, Hon Vivek set out on a profound spiritual odyssey - the Amrutasya Narmada Pad Parikrama. This transformative journey spanned several months, culminating in March of 2023. The journey began at the sacred site of Omkareshwar, marking the commencement of an unforgettable experience.  As its name suggests, the practise entailed walking in a circular path along the banks of Mother Narmada. Undoubtedly, the Narmada Parikrama is among the most extensive circumambulations worldwide. Since the dawn of civilization, countless individuals have journeyed along a circular path. 

Embarking on this challenging pilgrimage requires pilgrims to journey across the entire stretch of the Mother Narmada's banks, all while receiving the divine blessings of countless ancient teerthas that adorn the entire parikrama route. path. The customary way to embark on this expedition was by foot, as believers embarked on a sacred journey to offer their reverence. 


Undertaking the Parikrama is a deeply spiritual journey that meanders through the sacred territories of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Gujarat. The Parikrama takes place predominantly within the confines of Madhya Pradesh, where the river flows through the terrain in all its magnificent splendour. 

The act of circumambulation has been praised by numerous individuals, yet the Skandha Purana distinguishes itself by dedicating a complete section, referred to as the Reva Mahatma, to this sacred ritual. This section presents a plethora of vibrant narratives detailing various teerthas and their opulent histories. These chronicles meticulously document the events that paved the way for their inception, located amidst the breathtaking scenery of the Narmada riverbanks.


The rivers of India are held in high regard and are revered with great respect. Numerous ancient documents extol the Narmada River, making it clear that it was the only beneficiary of circumambulation. The Parikrama, a sacred ritual that has become an integral part of the cultural heritage of the region, has been perfected over the course of many years of practice. In the Skandha Purana, one can find references to the revered deities participating in the parikrama of the Holy Mother. 

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