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Vivek ji During the Narmada parikrama

Amrutasya Ma NarmAda PAD parikrama 

It was on the 8th of November in the year 2022 that Vivek ji embarked on a remarkable journey - a 3000-kilometre trek on foot along the revered banks of the Narmada River. After enduring a challenging 120-day expedition, he successfully accomplished the parikrama on March 7th, 2023. 

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Narmada Parikrama 

The Amrutasya Narmada Pad parikrama proved to be an extraordinary experience in numerous aspects. The organisers left no stone unturned in catering to the needs of the parikramavasis. Furthermore, the committee exhibited utmost diligence in ensuring that the requirements of the parikramavasis accompanying the  Vivek ji did not impose an excessive burden on the local community.


A fleet of diverse vehicles was deployed for catering the needs of parikramavasis who were on foot . The fleet  comprising of:  A lone truck had been assigned to cater to the needs of the parikamavasis, equipped with all the necessary provisions.  In addition, a food truck that boasted a socially conscious design served as a mobile kitchen, providing delectable cuisine to the parikramvasis and fulfilling the daily Bhandara ritual. The automobile proudly displayed a water tanker, along with a puja rath that hosted the esteemed kalash of Mother Narmda. The Kalash, a revered container, was ceremoniously filled with water from Omkareshwar , in accordance with tradition. Additionally, each parikrama vasi carried a small kalash during the parikrama. The Kalash was then taken along during the parikrama and subsequently returned after the parikrama kalash water was offered to Lord Omkar and Mother Narmada.  

Throughout his overnight stay, Vivek ji was assisted by a pair of vehicles that offered him a warmth sanctuary to rest and prepare himself for the day ahead where he would walk for many kilometers. 


Each day, the Kitchen team, consisting of eight individuals, toiled ceaselessly to craft three meals, tea and beverages, and other provisions at their campsite. Breakfast was enjoyed at the campsite where all had spent the night. The midday meal was meticulously prepared and then transported via two-wheeled vehicles to the location where the pilgrims were journeying on foot. Throughout the day, provisions of tea, water, and snacks were dispatched thrice to the location where the parirkmavasis were traversing. A highly skilled fleet of management was necessary to execute these tasks with precision. A gentleman had tendered his services for the undertaking, and he demonstrated exceptional aptitude for the parikramvasis. 

Amidst the enchanting realm of Narmada parikrama, a remarkable system was observed, meticulously crafted with the noble objective of conserving the indigenous habitats. The system ensured that no undue weight was imposed upon the local populace, who were instead invited to partake in a communal feast, known as Bhandara, every evening. 


Vivek Ji was joined by a contingent of 54 individuals, some of whom walked alongside him while others remained behind to attend to various logistical matters and services.  These committed individuals lent their hands to a range of responsibilities, encompassing culinary obligations, transportation, and overall administration. Jitendra Sharam fulfilled his duties with utmost dedication as the coordinator of the Parikrama, taking on the responsibility of meticulously arranging the daily schedule. Nandlal Tayal, meantime, managed the daily bhandara's food supplies with competence and efficiency. 


Vivek ji embarked on a parikrama, a spiritual journey that led him to rediscover the ancient teerthas that had been lost to the passage of time. With a resolute spirit, he embarked on a journey to explore every teertha along his path, eagerly seeking to uncover their current state and initiate a dialogue about their significance. 


Vivek Ji came to the realisation that the map for the Narmada Parikrama was not particularly lucid. Consequently, he commenced marking the trail he traversed. In the near future, there are expectations of a digital rendition of the Parikrama path route being developed. 

In particular, the Amrutasya ma Narmada pad parikrama is remembered as a trip that not only completed a circumambulation, but also led to the discovery of a sacred site revered by pilgrims for centuries. 

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