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Mandhata - Omkareshwar

Excerpts from the book of Vivek ji: Narmada Parikrama - A 3000 kilometres of walking along the banks of Holy Narmada

Narmada Parikrama

The story behind how Mandhata got its name is nothing short of fascinating. Ancient texts called the Reva Khand, which are a big part of the famous Skanda Purana, say that the island in question was originally called Baidurya Mani Parvat. In the history books, there is a story about a place that changed, and its name changed to represent a divine blessing. This place used to be called something else, but then it got the name Mandhata, which came from a very important event. This change can be traced back to when Raja Mandhatri was in charge. Raja Mandhatri was a great king who was the seventeenth in the long line of great rulers from the sun dynasty. During this well-known king's rule, a very important religious event took place on the island. This holy event was held to honour Sri Omkar, a respected god whose divine presence blessed the land. Raja Mandhatri planned this big event with a lot of respect and care, making sure that every detail was taken care of. As the ceremony went on, the island of Mandhata turned into a place of spiritual energy, as the benefits were infused into its very being. The forces of heaven seemed to come together over this holy ground, as if they knew how important what was happening was. The air was full of excitement, and the island itself seemed to hold its breath as it waited to see what would happen during this holy meeting between humans and the gods. In the wake of this amazing ceremony, there was a big change. The land's name was changed for good, as if to remember the divine help that had been given. From then on, it was called Mandhata, which was a name with a long past and the blessings of Sri Omkar. So, the story of Mandhata shows how powerful faith can be and how long it can last.


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