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The magnificent Khapparmal in Shulpani hills in Narmada Parikrama

Excerpts from the book of Vivek ji: Narmada Parikrama -Walking the 3,000 kilometres of sacred Riverbanks of holy Narmada

Narmada Parikrama in Shulpani hills
Vivek ji in Khapparmal in Shulpani hills during Narmada Parikrama

The spectacular peak of Khapparmal can be seen far out in the distance, dominating the landscape. The journey to reach the pinnacle of its summit is an arduous endeavour, demanding immense expertise and unwavering perseverance.

As one embarks on the journey to Khapparmal, the act of ascending is not a mere walk, but rather an appealing attempt that looks like a form of climbing. Our luggage was abundant, as we were transporting all the items designated for donation. The track proved to be quite challenging. After a couple of hours of trekking, we finally reached the summit of Khapparmal. After a long and tiring trek, everyone finally reached the edge of the mountain. They were all exhausted, but the view that awaited them was breathtakingly expansive. They went ahead and sat on the edge, taking in the beauty of the vista before them. As you stood there, the vast expanse of Shulpani stretched out before your eyes. The rolling hills and sprawling fields seemed to go on forever, and the distant mountains loomed on the horizon. You took a deep breath, feeling the cool breeze on your face and the sun warming your skin. It was a moment of pure awe and wonder, as you took in the beauty of this incredible landscape.

As I sat very close to the path on the backside, I was wandering around, my eyes caught sight of a young girl standing a few feet away from me. She was between the ages of 8 and 10, but her beauty was beyond her years. I couldn't help but keep my gaze fixed upon her. Instantly upon locking gazes with her, I felt compelled to present her with a handful of sweets. As I rummaged through the bag on my right side, I couldn't help but wonder who it could be. When I whirled around to get a better look at her, she had vanished.

I shut my eyes and sat there in silence for a while, overwhelmed. I realised with tremendous clarity as I stared at the regal form before me that it was the holy Mother Narmada. The obvious aura of her spiritual blessing filled me with amazement and adoration at that very moment.

Excerpts from the book of Vivek ji: Narmada Parikrama -Walking the 3,000 kilometres of sacred Riverbanks of holy Narmada


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